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Under Cabinet Lighting: Linear or Puck Style?

Under Cabinet Lighting:  Linear or Puck Style?

Under cabinet lighting is a perfect choice for your kitchen. Why? It will provide sufficient lighting to the countertops whenever you are busy with your menu. It makes them very ideal for cooking and food preparation. It will also illuminate backsplash on the wall for creating such beautiful accent lightings. It can be also used a night lighting. So, how to choose a good under cabinet lighting? It starts from the style!

Under Lighting for Cabinet Styles You Might Choose

When you want to buy under lighting for cabinet, one point you need to pay attention is about the style of the fixtures. Usually, it is recommended for you to install a linear one since it will provide you a uniform as well as well distributed lights for your entire countertop. Linear under cabinet lighting also eliminates some shadows.

Nevertheless, there are many people who choose another style. Rather than linear style, they choose puck light style of under cabinet style for their kitchen. The reason is that they believe that that style will create such pools of the lights in the more focuses area. But again, whether it is linear or pluck, choosing the style of under cabinet lighting is only preference matter actually.

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