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Modern and vintage Mid-century living rooms

Modern and vintage Mid-century living rooms

Mid-century modern living rooms are super trendy and always prove that style is timeless. Create such room with the help of useful tips and popular ideas.

Mid-century living rooms

Mid-century design is especially popular nowadays. This style looks is so close to vintage. It may remind you of James Bond films. It is trendy for designers to create space looking like 50 years ago. Various interior styles are often inspired by a popular era. This style name speaks for itself. It is from the middle of the 20th century. The room of the epoch looks charming and cool with warm and autumn colors.

A mid century modern living room contains unusual cute things that make it a special place.

The popular elements can be mid-century lamps, furniture, animal skins. The most common colors are black and white, blue and gray, brown and green. For your special space you can buy an old TV or radio,a guitar, some special furniture items.

Style is timeless

You may notice that in design fashion everything old becomes new again. Mid-century living rooms now look as they could look back in 1940s thanks to retro patterns, sleek shapes and wooden elements of warm colors. To create a modern mid-century room you can use the following tips:

  1. Make an accent wall in your room with the help of wallpaper. The other walls should be painted in white or light colors. Hang a mirror on the accent wall to extend the space visually.
  2. Make your little room cozy and romantic with mid-century furniture and decorations.
  3. Choosing furniture, prefer wooden surfaces, which are a real characteristic of this style.

If you have enough space your room should have a decorative bookcase with favorite stories, magazines and souvenirs.

A mid-century room can be different according to your wishes. It may be bright or beautiful, contemporary, formal, gloomy or feminine. Lighting, colors, patterns and decorative elements can easily change the style.

Mid-century modern living rooms ideas

Looking for ideas how should your vintage room look like, have a look at photos of great examples. They will surely bring you back in time. Just imagine the following rooms, they should give you inspiration for room renovations:

  1. Have a look at miminalistic black and white room with extravagant armchairs and modern paintings
  2. You may like a bright and vivid room with a leather sofa and a lot of decorative elements
  3. A room looks extravagant with vintage chairs and lamps and contrast colors.

A friendly room with big windows, wooden paneling, a fireplace and really charming and diverse furniture collection.
If you are fond of nature and rustic style, give these features to a mid century modern living room.

As you can see creating a modern mid-century room is not so difficult. Firstly, you should like this style and use some popular ideas, than benefit by finding more interesting ideas. It is interesting to shop for vintage furniture items and later observe a unique room you have created.

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