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Japanese living room: inspiring ideas for designing your place in Asian style

Japanese living room: inspiring ideas for designing your place in Asian style

The idea of designing a Japanese living room is not new for western world. This classical Asian style really works with modern décor. The main principle of the style in home design is balanced order and harmony in objects, colors and lines.

Features of home-style Japanese living room

The culture of Japanese interior design aesthetic has been forming for thousands of years. It combines Zen philosophy, love for natural beauty and the rational ways of making interior comfortable. So, the main characteristics of Japanese room decor are:

  • peaceful simplicity in every detail;
  • natural materials ;
  • modest minimal design;
  • cleanliness and uncluttered space;
  • predominant colors are shades of brown and green.

Modern Japanese style living room

One of basic rules of the style of a Japanese living room is warmth in colors and materials. It even doesn’t require special Japanese attributes. This aim is easily achievable with the help of natural materials: wood and stone.

Another must is full visibility when nothing blocks the way you look at the room. Using low-lying seats and traditional tatami mats effectively helps. Japanese people love minimalism because it makes balance. And it’s the main point in Asian culture, way of thinking and way of life.

Japanese home decoration in the living room

Today it’s fashionable to place things on the shelves. So the space of the walls is used to more extend which is practical especially for small rooms. Built-in shelves are used to display small decorations.

In traditional culture the Japanese use portable folding partitions (byobu). They look authentic and play both the role of decoration and functional elements in the room.

Some pieces of furniture can serve also as elements of stylish design. For example, low tables and flat cushions for sitting on the floor. As a rule, Japanese furniture is low to the ground.

The entryway is usually decorated with stone tile flooring and a lot of natural light. Also it should be absolutely uncluttered and clean (no mail, umbrellas, shoes and so on).

Serene Japanese living room decor ideas

First of all, choose the color palette for your room. Remember, it’s important to stick just to one color. Different shades of the same color create the unity of the space and pull together all the elements of interior. Add only one cool accent piece as a focal point.

Practical hints:

  • To create the atmosphere of a serene and peaceful place, first of all, open up the space in the center of your room.
  • Big items are placed against the walls. High shelves play the role of lofting storage.
  • One trick to give a room a Japanese look is decorating it with a narrow cafe-style counter desk.
  • Aquariums are good as they help create a corner for relaxation.

Ways to add the style into your home

Here you can find ideas how to give you room an Asian look even without some authentic and cultural elements. So, follow these rules:

  1. Use elements of nature. It’s typical for Japanese culture to bring nature to their homes. It can be any natural object of traditional plants such as bonsai or bamboo.
  2. A lot of plants (not only Asian but even local) will be authentic in this style. The only condition is that they should be simple, green, without any blossoming.
  3. Large windows and sliding glass doors (fusuma) that open the view outside will give additional space.
  4. Adding some “Shoji” (screens) to the interior is one the simplest ways to change the whole style of your living room. Such elements are portable and give opportunity to change the look of the room.
  5. One more element is ranma – wooden transom. They serve to allow light and air into the room. And of course they add stylish look.

So, Japanese style is really sophisticated inside and absolutely simple outside (in interior and decorations). Think calm, design you room with minimum colors and element – feel comfort and harmony in every detail!

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