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Good Ideas of Bohemian Living Room

Good Ideas of Bohemian Living Room

Bohemian Living Room – Interior decoration of Bohemian Living Roomoften hallmarked by the use of rich colors, styles and patterns variety of race. This makes sometimes choose the design for homeowners who want individual decorations for their homes. There are many elements that create BOHO decoration, ranging from furniture painted vintage Moroccan lantern inspired. The result is an optimized design with originality and personal style to any room in the house.

Interior decoration is known as Bohemian rich colors, such as deep burgundy, purple, electric blue, pink and yellow sun. There is no decoration plate type specified color. All the right Bohemian Living Room colors make the appearance. The colors are very saturated visual appeal optimal. Paint the walls a bold color, background, or large print hanging on the wall tone. Choose the style with some combination of colors and patterns. Add colorful accessories to complete the look and give the room a visual intensity as well.

Bohemian decor often takes inspiration from Latin America, Africa and India. Include Burmese silk cushions in a variety of colors to areas above the sofa or bed. Combining hemp fabric with silk Thailand, and decorate the window with several layers. A combination of fabric is a classic element of this style create authentic look to the decor.

Bohemian Living Room combining special lighting.  It add-on bedside table lantern Moroccan style. Include lava lamp table at the end of the living room to take a retro-inspired look. Brightly colored scarf drape on the lampshade filled with low-wattage, and pink lights to add a soft glow to the room.

Add pieces of furniture stores usedgarage sales shops, antique markets, and thrift shops to find, vintage-inspired eclectic furniture to enhance the decor bohemian. Worn and distressed furniture gives the room, and living in a casual appearance. Rainbow paint can combine with color pieces and mix with a modern style. Enjoy this awesome article about Bohemian Living Room

bohemian themed living room suitable with turquoise bohemian living room suitable with bohemian vintage living room

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