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Car themed bedroom for boys

Car themed bedroom for boys

Special ideas for boys’ rooms with racing car beds, bunk beds with storage or authentic Union Jack decor.

Boys’ room should look cool and trendy. Try great car themed ideas for the bedroom. Siblings adore rooms with bunk beds, and teenagers are really fond of Union Jack design.

Bedroom ideas for boys

What should you do if in your house you don’t have a little princess, but a vivid and emotional boy? Does it mean that kids’ bedroom can’t be cute and fashionable? Don’t give up! You can make the boy’s room super trendy and stylish! Young men’s rooms must look perfect too, and they really can.

First of all, choose an appropriate style and decorative elements. It depends if you need to create a nursery, a bright playroom or a teenager’s den. Boys of all ages adore cars of various sizes and shapes. Use car style to make your precious son extremely happy! Car themed bedroom can easily make any boy’s room a fantastic and cozy place to live.

Bedrooms with racing car beds

Younger boys are fond of bright colors. You may brighten the walls with funny and colorful feature wallpaper for kids. Wall stickers with cartoon characters is also an awesome idea, you can change such stickers from time to time. Red and blue are classical colors for the kids’ rooms, but why not add yellow, green or pastel colors?

The central element of the boys’ room is a bed. Racing car bed is a terrific solution! Boys love such beds as they are colorful, have numbers on them and look like real fast and cool vehicles.
Some other elements, like a red desk, car-shaped accessories and lamps suit greatly in race car room decor.

Bunk bed bedrooms

Do you have two adventurous pirates in your house? Then choose a bunk bed which is great for saving space. Although bunk beds have storage which is super useful. Such bed is great for boys, they can take turns sleeping upstairs. And of course kids like to imagine that it is not just a bed but a magic ship, a Formula1 car or a spaceship. Active boys are fond of various sport activities, that’s why their room might turn into a sporty boys bedroom.

A race room decor in the room can be achieved even without a racing car bed. Together with your boys you can stick funny road signs on the walls, decorate the room with Disney cars posters and also make a display with car paintings.

If even you have one boy a racing car bunk bed is good, a friend may stay for a sleepover and enjoy games with your son.

A bedroom for a teenager

When a boy becomes older his playroom turns into a fort protecting the young man from outer space. Teenagers love comfort and design of their rooms. They want to be fashionable and try to make their room stylish. It is important for a teenager to choose furniture and decorations by himself. Parents should understand that and do their best helping a young man to express himself. Your boy may like Union Jack design because it’s too cool and trendy. This British Invasion in the room looks fantastic if the main elements match and cool Union Jack design is created with the help of curtains, mats, bed decor and extra elements.

Some teenage boys will appreciate vintage touches in their room. It can be a car themed bedroom decorated with old car photos and vintage souvenirs.

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